Ethereum emission will be reduced by 10 times.

Global update of cryptocurrency is scheduled for March 2021, however, dates may change

Ethereum researcher Justin Drake suggested that Ethereum emissions could be reduced 10-fold by March 2021. The expert added that the dates could be changed, and Trustnodes edition does not believe that this will be possible in the next two years.

The decline in cryptocurrency emissions will occur only after abandoning the PoW algorithm, on which it works now. According to journalists, this will require a transitional period, during which smart contracts and other tools will be transferred to the Beacon-chain with sharding support. After that, developers will need several years to develop an ecosystem that can move to PoS.

Drake did not explain the validity of his plan, most likely due to the fact that the Ethereum Foundation has not yet made a final decision. At the moment, the blockchain platform is entering an experimental stage, so many user questions remain unanswered.

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