Europol: transactions in Monero are virtually impossible to track

Agency’s strategic analyst Zherek Yakubchek said that criminals use a coin in conjunction with the anonymous Tor browser, which makes cryptocurrency transfers completely anonymous

Transactions in the Monero network are extremely difficult to analyze and practically impossible to track, said Europol strategic analyst Zherek Jakubchek. According to him, attackers use altcoin together with the anonymous Tor browser to hide their IP addresses and eliminate any traces of cryptocurrency transfers, reports AMBCrypto.

“No matter what happens on the Bitcoin network, it is possible to view it, and that is why we were able to advance in this direction quite far. But with the Monero blockchain, we are at a dead end, ”explained Jakubchek.

He added that transactions in Bitcoin and Ethereum, even passed through the “mixer,” are difficult, but possible to track, unlike Monero. Because of this, the coin is popular with criminals and is convenient for money laundering, Yakubchek emphasized.

Monero is among the cryptocurrencies that allow you to make anonymous transactions. For this reason, a month earlier, on November 29, the BitBay exchange announced the termination of token support.

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