Exclusive Interview with the most mysterious woman of the Russian Forbes list

The only owner of the Wildberries company, which ranked fourth in the ranking of the most expensive companies of Runet, became the second billionaire woman in Russia

In 2019, the largest Russian online store Wildberries ranked fourth in the ranking of the most expensive Runet companies, according to Forbes. He received an estimated value of 1.2 billion dollars. The sole owner of the company is its co-founder Tatyana Bakalchuk.

“The new valuation of the company allows us to estimate the state of Bakalchuk at more than $ 1 billion. She becomes the second female billionaire in Russia after Elena Baturina. A year ago, Bakalchuk entered the list of Russia’s richest people for the first time with a fortune of $ 600 million, ”the statement reads.

Wildberries is not a public company, so its value was estimated based on data on sales and profits, based on multiples of similar projects and estimates by venture capitalists. Last year, the company increased the number of pickup points by 1.5 times, and also began construction of a distribution center with an area of ​​145 thousand square meters in the Moscow region and announced the imminent appearance of a warehouse in Yekaterinburg.

The teacher of English, Bakalchuk, founded her business together with her husband in 2004. Initially, the couple engaged in the sale of women’s clothing in the German catalogs Otto and Quelle. Today the site also presents toys, sports and baby food, electronics, books and other products. Every month, about 60 million people visit the site mainly from Russia (95%), Ukraine, Belarus, Germany and the United States. In 2018, the company’s revenue amounted to 1.7 billion dollars.

*We asked several questions to Tatiana about her business and life:

What was your first capital to create a company?

We started with $ 700, made a website, rented an office and paid $ 100 a month for advertising. Our first purchasing manager, with all the money for the goods, disappeared and we never saw her again.

*What do you lack most in life at the moment?

Lack of time, lack of time for themselves, for family, for rest.

*How did you earn money before?

I worked as a pedagogue, taught people a foreign language.


Our employees are fans of their work. The staff of 300 programmers and 15,000 people in various positions. These are 30 million different products. 2 million store visitors per day. Every second 3 orders are added to the basket. Its logistics throughout Russia. You can order for example 5 things from us, try them on after delivery and if nothing came up to you, you simply return the things to the courier and you don’t owe us anything.

*Your attitude to money now?

I still do not have my own home and a good car. I am always at work, doing what I love.

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