Facebook launched its cryptocurrency website

The blockchain project of the social network appeared in the public domain before the official announcement to be held today

Facebook opened the website of its blockchain project before the official announcement, which is to be held today, June 18. About domain registration calibra.com the publication of The Block wrote a few days ago, but then the page contained a 404 error message

“Before Facebook launched the site Calibra. News about the project will appear in less than an hour,” journalist Larry chermak wrote today.

The site reports that the application Calibra is designed to work with the new cryptocurrency Libra. It is based on blockchain to enable people to make everyday transfers more freely, accessible and secure.

Calibra will be a standalone app for iOS and Android, and will be integrated into Facebook products, including WhatsApp and Messendger. The company’s customers will be 2.7 billion users of the social network, according to the project website.

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