Facebook Voicemail Listened by Hundreds of Contractors

The social network Facebook admitted that it listened to voice messages of users sent by them in the Messenger application. As Bloomberg found out, message decryption stopped “more than a week ago.”

According to Facebook representatives, for this purpose they attracted “hundreds of contractors” who allegedly “checked the quality of decryption of voice messages with artificial intelligence”.

“Users whose audio messages were listened to in the Messenger application agreed to this,” according to the social network.

However, the Facebook policy does not specifically mention audio in the clause on the collection of “content, messages and other information that you provide” when “sending messages or communicating with each other”.

The contractors themselves claim that they were not aware of where they received the messages from, and also did not know the final purpose of this decryption.

Earlier in the wiretapping were caught by Apple, Amazon and Google. Representatives of the Yandex company, which owns the voice assistant Alice, in turn, said that they are attracting people to mark up voice requests, but the proportion of such cases is extremely small.

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