Firefox 68: New Add-ons Manager, JS Miner Lock, Scroll Snap CSS Properties

A new version of Firefox with a long support period has been released. Updates for it will release a whole year.

Firefox 68 for user

Rewritten add-ons manager from scratch. A list of recommended add-ons has appeared in the settings (personal, based on those used). In the list of installed add-ons there is a context menu for each, and when you click on a particular addition, you can immediately see its description and the list of available options.

  • Rewritten from scratch and address bar. Now it’s called Quantum Bar (instead of Awesome Bar). Externally, it looks the same, but it works more efficiently.
  • In strict mode of blocking scripts, JS miners and JS trackers are now automatically blocked. Previously, for this you had to put a separate checkbox in a custom mode.
  • The dark theme in reading mode has been improved – the controls are now also dimmed.

Firefox 68 for developers

  • Implemented CSS-properties Scroll Snap, helping to more finely control the scrolling of content.
  • Now you can add the “noreferrer” option when calling (), so that when opening a link in a new window, the information about the source of the transition does not flow to the side.
  • A printing emulator has appeared in the Inspector’s tools – so you can check which elements do not fit on the page.

In the font editor you can now change the distance between letters.

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