Fortress offered lenders MtGox to buy out their claims to the exchange

The investment group Fortress announced a desire to buy out the rights to bitcoins, which lenders expect as payment from the bankrupt MtGox cryptocurrency exchange.

Fortress managing director Michael Hourigan sent a letter to creditors saying:

“We consider each case individually, but in general we are ready to offer $ 900 per bitcoin, which is approximately 200% of its value at the time of the exchange’s bankruptcy. We can pay the amount both in bitcoins and in a fiat currency convenient for you. ”

Recall that at the time of the bankruptcy of the MtGox exchange Bitcoin was worth $ 451. Horigan believes that the company has set a fair price for both Fortress and investors. Although, when compared with current quotes, $ 900 is only 7% of the market price at the time of publication.

On the other hand, $ 900 is one and a half times higher than the price for which the former leader of the largest association of affected customers of MtGox, Andy Pag, sold his share. Recall that in April, he announced the sale of rights to bitcoins of an unnamed company for $ 600 per coin.

Earlier it was reported that Fortress was going to open its own cryptocurrency investment fund in 2013, before the bankruptcy of MtGox. Then the position of the investment director of the company was occupied by Michael Novogratz, who now owns his own investment bank, Galaxy Digital.

The creditors of MtGox are still awaiting the completion of the civil rehabilitation of the exchange, initiated last year. The purpose of this process is to receive compensation not in fiat currency at the rate at the time of hacking, but in the remaining bitcoins, which will be distributed among investors as a percentage, depending on their contribution. For investors, this is much more profitable, since now bitcoin costs about 28 times more.

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