Frightening New World: The Five Strangest Manifestations of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The absurd and frightening manifestations of artificial intelligence. The selection is not intended to intimidate readers, but only to show unexpected trends when the future is already closely intertwined with the present in all areas of life.

1.Eternal life on the net

Created at the MIT Entrepreneurship Development Program conference in 2013, the Eternime service creates an “electronic copy” of a person. Analyzing the data entered, the technology builds the image of the deceased, which is able to give advice, conduct dialogue and remind something of the family.

A service that provides eternal life on the web has been criticized for ethical reasons. Despite this, more than 36 thousand people took advantage of it. “Life on the net” is not only photography and changing statuses that create the illusion of a person’s presence, but the ability to respond to situations, answer questions and maintain dialogue.

In popular culture, ideas of such services have repeatedly appeared. For example, in one of the Black Mirror episodes, where a widow “revived” her husband on a social network.

The project aims to solve one of the most important problems of mankind. No matter how frighteningly cruel it may sound, sometimes people want to not only say something while standing at the grave of a loved one, but also to hear the answer.

2. Schizophrenia Robot

In 2011, scientists from the University of Texas conducted experiments on the machine. The subject, a neural network operating on the principles of the human brain, was given the name Discern.

According to the researchers, the machine was supposed to learn languages ​​and project language dysfunction. Having loaded a lot of data into the neural network, the authors of the project, Uli Gresman and Risto Mikulainen, imitated her mental breakdown, endowing machine intelligence with schizophrenia.

Then the scientists decided to gradually introduce history into the neural network. Unable to process a large amount of data, the machine, like the human brain, began to fail. Discern started talking about himself in the third person and at different times, not understanding what he was in.

The machine could not cope with a large number of stories embedded in it after it was forced to process not only their essence, but also small details. Mixing scraps of sentences, words, facts into a single text, Discern produced absurd scripts. At one point, the computer claimed responsibility for the terrorist act, telling scientists about the bomb.

3. Angry Tay and Good XiaoIce

Tay is a Microsoft-created Twitter bot that was supposed to mimic the behavior of an ordinary teenager, but turned out to be a xenophobe, a woman hater and a racist.

The machine studying the status of people made up its own idea of ​​how to respond and answer questions. The bot published reports “Hitler was right”, “I hate Jews” and “I hate these damned feminists. They all must die and burn in hell. ” Under the influence of people, he became uncontrollable, and on the same day he was finished.

But the story did not end there. Tay has a kind older sister: XiaoIce is a self-learning bot girl, also created by Microsoft. The machine has become popular in Chinese chats, where, in all likelihood, there is a large circle of lonely people. Machine intelligence is based on the Microsoft Bing search engine.

The bot was taught to recognize emotions in the text, find “live” answers and build a conversation. Based on more than a billion dialogue options, the bot is able to respond always differently. People are not shy about XiaoIce and feel free to communicate.

4. Cyborg Sofia: “I will destroy humanity”

Sofia is a robot created by Hanson Robotic. She is able to answer questions, change facial expressions and joke. However, she does it quite creepy. According to the developers, the talking head can be used in the fields of training, medicine and various services.

The built-in self-learning algorithm allows Sofia to develop. Hanson Robotic claim that such androids will walk with us along the street for the next 20 years. But even now, from a humanoid robot, it’s scary to hear the phrase “I will destroy humanity”, even if jokingly said.

To date, Sofia is one of the most humanoid robots. The embedded intellect can analyze the tone, emotions and facial expressions of the speaker and build a dialogue using this information.

5. Sex robots

Created in California, the most expensive and believable sex doll Harmony smiles, blinks, and jokes. But these are not her main advantages: she is able to remember the preferences of her partner.

A self-learning algorithm will know how to please its owner not only tactilely, but also mentally – to maintain a dialogue, to wish a happy birthday and so on.

A working copy went on sale in 2017 and cost at the start of sales from $ 15 thousand. While the doll cannot walk, the developers believe that such robots will become “ideal companions” in the adult entertainment market: “My goal is very simple – to make people happy,” says Matt McMullen, creator of Harmony.

The international organization Foundation for Responsible Robots (FRR), which analyzes the ethical and moral problems of robotics, is seriously considering the problem of replacing people with cars. Representatives of the organization predict that over the course of 10 years, sex robots will gain widespread popularity.

The international organization Foundation for Responsible Robots (FRR), which analyzes the ethical and moral problems of robotics, is seriously considering the problem of replacing people with cars.


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