Gram for $ 4 per token. Telegram coins will be sold at a triple price.

The company Gram Asia is going to sell cryptocurrency with 10 July. Sale will take place on the Japanese crypto-liquid liquid. The cost can be reduced to $ 3.5 if investors use liquid QASH during a public sale. One of the participants in the private round of the project on the initial placement of tokens TON announced that he had acquired Gram at the rate of $ 1.33.
Gram Asia is not affiliated with Telegram. The July sale of tokens will take place contrary to the agreement on the purchase of cryptocurrency, which does not provide for the possibility of transferring rights before the official release.
It is expected that the open network Telegram will contribute to the creation of a variety of user applications, decentralized data storage and decentralized messages.

 Last year, Durov raised $ 1.7 billion to develop his own blockchain platform. It should be launched before October 31, 2019. The head of Telegram Pavel Durov hopes that his blockchain will be faster than that of Bitcoin or etherium and this will make it possible to compete with Visa and Mastercard.
Gram can also compete with Libra.

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