Hacked GateHub crypto wallet. Online data were 1.4 million people

The company confirmed the leak, the developers are engaged in solving the problem.

Data from 1.4 million GateHub crypto-wallet users has entered the network, according to Ars Technica, referring to Troy Hunt, security researcher at Have I Been Pwned. According to him, the database posted on the hacker forum includes email addresses, passwords and other personal information of the company’s customers.

The attacker who posted the archive with the stolen data claims that it also contains two-factor authentication keys, mnemonic phrases, and wallet hashes. However, this information has not received official confirmation. GateHub representatives said they were aware of a data leak, and they are currently verifying their authenticity.

One GateHub user has confirmed the problem. In his Twitter account, he wrote that his wallet credentials were found on the darknet, as IDNotify informed him about it.

GateHub has already encountered a similar problem. In July of this year, it became known about a hack, as a result of which an attacker gained access to 18.4 thousand accounts of wallet users. Losses of the company’s customers amounted to 23 million XRP.

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