Head of Blockstream: Garlinghouse sells its XRP and buys Bitcoin

Ripple CEO does not believe in own product, Adam Beck believes

Ripple’s CEO does not believe in its own product, says Blockstream CEO Adam Beck. According to him, Brad Garlinghouse is selling XRP tokens in order to accumulate Bitcoin.

“He’s probably a supporter of Bitcoin and maybe even buys it with the money raised from selling XRP to retail investors,” Beck wrote in his Twitter account.

Criticism of Ripple also came from the analyst of The Block, Larry Chermak. He called the words of Garlinghouse that the company can not control the price of XRP, a lie.

“Almost everything that Brad Garlinghouse says about the lack of influence of Ripple on the price of his token is a lie. He refers to CoinMarketCap data – this is ridiculous, since he knows that at least 90% of them are fake. But XRP investors will swallow it anyway, ”Chermak said.

On December 23, the Ripple XRP token was criticized by former Bitcoin developer Peter Todd. He said that altcoin does not give holders any real rights, and its sole purpose is to enrich the issuing company.

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