Head of Tron Justin San was accused of complicity in the financial pyramid.

In January, China launched the Wave Field Super Community project, which called itself one of the participants in the Justin San network. The entrepreneur did not refute this data, and thousands of local investors suffered.
Users from China lost about $ 30 million due to the financial pyramid of Wave Field Super Community, which closed last week. Now, deceived investors accuse Tron of complicity, as Justin San’s company is promoted in a country called Wave Field, and it did not report that it was not related to the project criminals.
According to the victims, they tried to find out the connection of these projects from Tron and BitTorrent since the opening of the pyramid in January 2019, but received no answer. Nuclear Finance writes that San only commented on this subject six months later, on July 1, the day after the scam site was closed.

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