Most people are biased towards the homeless, considering everyone to be crooks and petty thieves. In vain, the honesty and decency of a person is not determined by his social status. Homeless American Glen James carried the found 40 thousand dollars to the police without appropriating a penny. Glen James was born in Boston in 1959. At one time, Glen had both a house and a clerk’s place in court, but in 2005 the circumstances were such that Glen found himself on the street. He spent the night mainly in a shelter for the homeless. Due to health problems, Glen was never able to find a new job. But street life did not deprive the 54-year-old American of his inherent honesty and self-esteem.

In September 2013, while walking around the South Bay Mall in Dorchester, Glen James discovered a backpack forgotten by someone that contained a considerable amount of money. Without a second’s doubt, James tracked down the police to return the find. As it turned out, the backpack had $ 2,400 in cash and another forty thousand traveler’s checks. The presence of a passport in the backpack contributed to the rapid identification of the owner. It turned out to be a student from China, who came to stay with his friend in Boston. The owner of the backpack, of course, thanked both James and the police, but preferred to hide his name.

Honesty Award

The action of Glen James stirred up the American public. Fascinated by his honesty, people wanted to help Glen somehow. And so, 27-year-old Eaton Whittington from Virginia organized a fundraising campaign for Glen James. Fundraising was carried out as part of the GoFundMe charity project, launched on the Internet. Donations were surprisingly generous, and the amount collected more than outweighed the one that James found in a Chinese student’s backpack. On the first day, a little more than 50 thousand dollars were collected, and later the number of donations did reach the mark of 100 thousand dollars. In addition, people offer Glen food, clothing, shelter. And the Dental Association – free dental care for life. We can say that having given a backpack with money, Glen James successfully passed the test of wealth, for which he was truly rewarded.

In a festive atmosphere, the Boston Police Commissioner handed Glen a diploma “for amazing decency and honesty.” Glen himself is not used to such attention and, speaking to the camera, is very shy. He speaks of his deed that he does not need wealth, since God always protects him; and even if he were in the most desperate situation, he still would not have appropriated anything alien to himself.

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