IBM filed patent for blockchain browser

The IBM patent, passed on August 6 by the US Patent and Trademark Office,
relates to a blockchain-based browser.

The application states that the browser collects preliminary information on
page browsing sessions, then it is transferred to the p2p network for recording and storage. The collection of information depends on the type of view you are viewing. For example, viewing from a work or person computer will require different settings.

Types of stored session information include information about visited sites, bookmarks, task performance, geolocation, plug-in installation, and security updates.

According to the company, the browser based on the blockchain

“will present a system for storing viewing information, while the user’s
privacy is preserved, so the data is not transferred to a third party.”

IBM has included a token in its model, and this is not the only such concept in this area.

Recently, the Norwegian company Opera has released its browser iOS Opera Touch. It was created for Web 3.0, has a built-in cryptocurrency wallet and easily connects to Web 3.0 applications, including ERC-20 tokens.

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