In Russia there was another nuclear disaster

In Arkhangelsk, a radioactive installation exploded at a military base. As a result of a large-scale explosion, people were injured and died.
After a terrible incident in the region recorded an increase in radiation levels. According to international media, the wounded from the scene of the explosion were brought to hospitals in suits of radiation protection.

A large-scale radiation explosion occurred at a Russian military base
The Russian Ministry of Defense reported that during a test of a new liquid-propellant propulsion system, a sudden explosion occurred and a fire started. People who were nearby seriously injured, five injured are in very serious condition. First they were taken to the medical center at the military base where the explosion occurred, then they were hospitalized in the hospital, two people died.

photo from the open portal MASH

Due to the explosion, the Russian authorities closed the White Sea Dvina Bay area for a month for swimming. A signal of this has already been transmitted to all ships. According to international experts, the ship on which the exploded rocket was located could sink. Radiation that has got into the water can lead to an environmental disaster in this region. But the authorities of the Russian Federation did not confirm this information.

According to the portal MEDUZA : On August 8, a jet engine exploded at a training ground in the Arkhangelsk region. Two days later, authorities admitted that a radiation leak occurred during the accident.

The victims of the explosion were taken to hospitals in Arkhangelsk – after which a cesium-137 radioactive nuclide was found in the body of one of the doctors. As the people who assisted the injured told Meduza, neither the rescuers nor the doctors warned that they had to work with the irradiated. In the regional hospital, they learned about radiation a few hours after they began to operate on the victims, and deactivation began only the next day.

Most of the hospital staff received a non-disclosure secret. Meduza publishes the story of an employee of the rescue service, whose employees assisted the injured before hospitalization, and a doctor from the regional hospital where they were treated. The names of both interlocutors are changed.

“We flew into the focus of isotopic radiation without respirators and workwear”

Arina Sergeeva (name changed), employee of the Igor Polivany Rescue Service

The first thing you need to understand about this is that, according to the standard of the troops of radiation, chemical and biological protection, if an accident occurred at a military facility, the military should fully deal with the consequences.

When carrying out any work of a similar plan [such as carried out with a rocket], the military should have deployed deactivation points at the training ground, there should be at least three of them. The first decontamination point should be on the border of a clean and contaminated area. Even in the absence of catastrophes, after a person leaves the danger zone, they must bring him and the equipment with which he was in contact – they must be processed, deactivated radiation on them. At the next point, these people should take off all the clothes – they should be destroyed – and wash again, go through deactivation. After that, they are once again checked for radiation levels. And if the sensor shows that they are “clean”, then they are released; if some indicators are not normal, then they should be taken to a military hospital. But before the ambulance arrives, they should be washed once more and after they were taken to the hospital, they should be deactivated again at the hospital before the operating room. Only after this, doctors should provide assistance to these patients.

As was the case with the accident at the training ground in the Arkhangelsk region? I was not on duty that day, I know about the events of that day from colleagues. The six injured were brought to Vaskovo Airport not by military helicopters, but by ambulance officers in two civilian helicopters. They were not warned that they were transporting patients infected with radiation, and, of course, they did not sign a consent document for this work. Due to the fact that they were not informed about who they were taking, the air traffic officers did not even take basic safety measures – they flew into the center of isotopic radiation and drove the victims away without a respirator and protective clothing.

Since this is an accident at a military facility, the Federal Emergencies Ministry should have been involved in helping the injured. But instead they called the employees of the Arkhangelsk rescue service named after Igor Polivany.

And what is most absurd – although I find it difficult to single out what seems to me the “most” – our car (a mobile radiation chemistry laboratory) was not left at Vaskovo airport, where the victims were brought, but sent to measure the level of radiation in Severodvinsk. At that time, information appeared that the sensors there showed an increase in the level of radiation. And our car went there, and an additional team arrived at the airport with a gamma radiation sensor and empty-handed. This was the order of senior management (not the leadership of our rescue service)

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