In the case of Kleiman v. Wright, another contender for the title of the creator of Bitcoin has appeared

The list of contenders for the status of the creator of Bitcoin Satoshi Nakamoto replenished with another person. They became the Belgian Debo Jurgen Etienne Guido.

A letter stating that he was the creator of the first cryptocurrency, Guido sent July 22 to the federal court in Florida, where the consideration of the case of Kleiman v Craig Wright continues.

I hereby testify that I am the true and only creator of the genesis block in the bitcoin blockchain. I used the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto and the email in the process of writing and publishing white paper bitcoin, ”the letter said to judge Bruce Reinhart.

It is noteworthy that the Belgian also has a @realSatoshiN Twitter account. On July 1, he published a screenshot of his correspondence with lawyer Kleiman, who invited him to draw up a joint signature for the genetics block of Bitcoin. Guido, however, rejected this idea, advising him to submit a similar proposal to Craig Wright.

Recall relatives of the deceased David Kleiman sued Craig Wright, who also claims to be the creator of Bitcoin, in February 2018.

According to Wright, together with Dave Kleiman, who died in 2013, they created Bitcoin, were among the first miners who collectively mined over 1 million BTC, and also invented other innovations, the list of which changed over time.

They allegedly placed their solid Bitcoin-capital in a blind trust called Tulip Trust back in 2011, and access to it is supposedly possible only with the consent of all parties who participated in the threshold Shamir cryptographic scheme.

David Kleiman’s brother, however, claims that Craig Wright unlawfully deprived the family of computer forensic intellectual property rights of W & K Information Defense through an Australian court, and demands that the share due to his brother be given to him.

In June, Wright was never able to present evidence to the court that he had access to coins associated with Satoshi Nakamoto.

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