Investment advice on the Quora website

Today in the vastness of the Quora site, I allowed myself to give investment advice to a man of 20 years of age. The question sounded like this: how to properly invest a person in 20 years. Here is what I answered to his question:

Ready to advise you on an investment portfolio. Divide your capital into 5 parts and distribute into such cryptocurrency assets as:
1) ETH 2) XRP 3) BNB 4) LTC 5) ONE
I can say with confidence that in a couple of months you will at least double your capital.

Fix the prices of these assets today for the purity of the experiment

ETH- 245.84$ / XRP- 0.39$ / BNB- 33.20$ / LTC- 136.17$ / ONE- 0.021$

These prices are valid today 12/06/2019 Let’s return to this post in a couple of months. If we forget about him, write to and we will definitely return to this news.

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