Iran has developed tariffs for BTC-miners

The country is reviewing the tariffs for mining cryptocurrency, currently the pricing scheme is awaiting final approval by the Cabinet of Ministers.

Government subsidies for energy in Iran provide cheap electricity – 1 kW / h costs about $ 0.05, in connection with this, Chinese BTC-miners transferred their operations to outsourcing, which allowed them to use low energy tariffs.

Earlier, the official representative of the Ministry of Energy, Mostaf Rajabi Mashhadi, said that mining 1 BTC costs the government in the form of grants in the amount of about $ 1,400.

Over the past month, Iranian officials have paid close attention to crypto-mining, as the power surge at the end of June forced the authorities to confiscate about a thousand Bitcoins. Perhaps for the same reason, the Central Bank of Iran assessed the possibility of a ban on crypto-mining.

Currently, the country allows mining of coins, but the authorities will raise energy prices, limiting the negative impact of mining on the national electrical grid.

It is assumed that tariffs will depend on market factors, with the decisive role played by fuel prices in the Persian Gulf. Ali Bakhshi, head of the Iranian Electrical Engineering Syndicate, proposed raising the price for miners to about $ 0.07.

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