It will look like an iPhone 12 without frames and with four cameras.

iPhone 12 sample 2020 will be very different from previous models. This was recently announced by authoritative analyst Min-Chi Kuo, who never makes mistakes in his predictions. It is known that the iPhone 12 will receive a completely frameless display without a “monobrow” and the system immediately from four cameras. What would such a smartphone look like? Designer Ben Geskin showed the likely appearance of the new item on the render.

The designer suggested that Apple would not “rethink” the iPhone, as in previous years. The company will keep the iPhone design that has been proven over the years, leaving experiments to other manufacturers.

The designer has an iPhone 12 concept with a fully frameless display and a quadruple camera on a large square platform, like the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Max. The visualization corresponds to the latest reliable leaks about the smartphone.

Note that, according to Kuo, a complete rejection of the upper display frame in the iPhone can only happen by 2021. It all depends on the specific management decisions of Apple. In technical terms, the company is ready to embed the front camera in the display and get rid of the upper frame of the screen next year. However, the initial launch of such a smartphone was scheduled for 2021.

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