Jamie Dimon sees no threat in the Libra cryptocurrency.

According to JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon, the release of Libra cryptocurrency does not pose any threat to the traditional market.

Speaking on CNBC, the financier said that blockchain technologies have been developing over the past seven years, but so far they have not caused any fundamental changes in the market. Three years will pass, and we don’t even remember about the heated discussions that accompanied the launch of the coin, which is now being developed by Facebook specialists.

Daimon noted:

I would not spend too much time discussing the output of the token.

As for the regulation of relations between the holders of the new cryptocurrency, the head of JP Morgan urged the states to introduce the appropriate legal and regulatory framework as soon as possible, which would make transactions with tokens transparent and ensure equal rules of the game for all market participants.

The regulation will help minimize the risks of financing terrorism and money laundering through digital currencies, the banker concluded.

Jamie Dimon is known for his frequent and negative statements about Bitcoin. He has repeatedly stated that the largest cryptocurrency does not have any potential, and we will soon see its collapse.

However, Bitcoin continues to hold positions in the market and resumed its growth on the eve after a small corrective decline at the beginning of the week.

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