Japanese expert told when artificial intelligence will surpass people

Artificial intelligence at the current rate of development of science will be able to catch up with a man in a number of abilities and even overtake him in 50-100 years. This opinion was shared with RIA Novosti by the head of the development department of the Japanese Parlo robot with artificial intelligence of FujiSoft Incorporated Naoki Sugimoto.

“I think that when artificial intelligence surpasses a person, gets his mind to such an extent that you can confuse him with a person, then it will not be artificial intelligence, not a robot, but a new person. Such a time will come sometime, but this It will not be soon. I think, while you can not think about it, it’s unlikely to happen in my life. It will be a new race. This is already an area of ​​religion or philosophy, I don’t know how appropriate it is for me to talk about it. that such artificial intelligence will soon appear, which will replace man century, which will become a man. In 50-100 years, this time will come, “- says Sugimoto.

The developer is convinced that you should not be afraid of this, however, he calls upon him to take this opportunity seriously now.
“I don’t feel in danger now. But if you ask me why it’s not dangerous, I won’t be able to answer. I have no reason to explain why I don’t consider the development of artificial intelligence to be dangerous. But I think it is worth thinking seriously and seriously approaching this issue, “said Sugimoto.

He believes that humanity has repeatedly experienced the impact of progress on their lives, in this sense, artificial intelligence is only a new round of progress.
“After all, until now, progress has changed a person’s life. Before computers appeared, everyone wrote with their hands. When computers appeared, many things began to be performed automatically. will be needed and will be able to work. The application industry will change, “the developer believes.

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