John McAfee at large and in perfect order

Earlier it became known that the defender cryptocurrency John McAfee could be captured by the US authorities. That, at least, was suggested by the head of his headquarters, Rob Loggia-Ramirez.

But now, it seems, there is reason to believe that McAfee is at large after some clash with the authorities of the Dominican Republic, although he had previously said that the CIA was trying to detain him.

According to reports posted on his Twitter account on July 25, McAfee has already been released from prison in the Dominican Republic. McAfee even posted photos with Dominican law enforcement officers, whom he called “friendly and ready to help”:

“Exit from prison (my appearance is not very good, as I was imprisoned for four days). I was treated well, my guards were friendly and ready to help. However, we decided to move on. More later. ”

On July 24, McAfee and his wife and several friends were detained while mooring in Puerto Plata of the Dominican Republic, although McAfee’s report states that he spent “four days in prison.” It seems that the authorities confiscated his weapons and ammunition, as well as the yacht itself, which, presumably, the authorities are still “investigating”.

According to Loggia-Ramirez, McAfee and the company have so far “been forced to leave the yacht of freedom.” Their further route has not yet been disclosed, although Janice McAfee mentioned a trip to the airport.

The absence of McAfee himself aroused rumors that the American authorities, nevertheless, got to him. However, apparently, it was only about the detention of his Dominican military.

According to McAfee himself, he is wanted by the US tax authorities, although the IRS has no official complaints about it. He was also accused of killing his neighbor in Belize, but it seems that this is only part of a smear campaign against a possible future US president.

McAfee says he has such compromising material that can “bury” some corrupt American officials if it comes to imprisoning him. This was also recently mentioned by the head of his election headquarters Loggia-Ramirez. On July 19, McAfee posted a tweet where he was “fully armed” with his wife and claims that the CIA wanted to “pick it up”:

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