John McAfee is in London and is applying for the post of British Prime Minister

The incredible adventures of a busy crypto-pensioner, a businessman and a US presidential candidate of 2020 John McAfee continue. Earlier this week it was reported that John, his wife and crew of the yacht, allegedly captured by the CIA. In response, his loyal manager in the official twitter account threatened that confidential documents compromising the US government would be available to the general public if McAfee was not immediately released.

McAfee later wrote that the entire company was released from custody in the Dominican Republic. However, his “freedom boat”, as well as the weapon with which McAfee liked to pose in numerous photos, were confiscated by the Dominican authorities. After some indefatigable crypto-enthusiasts reported the second arrest, after which he suddenly contacted London.

Judging by his twitter account, in which he confusedly explains the situation and curses him, McAfee believes that it was the CIA that was related to his four-day detention. In addition, he also seems to be fully confident that the “Bahamian official” “sold it” to the US government. Therefore, he is expected to be eager for revenge.

A little later, on his twitter, McAfee expressed a fresh idea – after studying the laws of the United States and Great Britain, he came to the conclusion that both documents do not prohibit the head of state to occupy leadership positions in other countries. Therefore, he shared with subscribers a new plan – to occupy two positions at once – the President of the United States and the Prime Minister of Great Britain.

Can a person run and be both president of the United States and prime minister of Great Britain? Yes. Absolutely. No questions. I believe that I am one of the few living people who could apply for both positions at once.

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