Lawyers: Craig Wright is completely discredited and cynically exploits the court

Lawyers for Peter McCormack, host of the famous podcast What Bitcoin is, say that the self-proclaimed bitcoin inventor Craig Wright is wasting time in court – if he really has evidence, he could already present it.

It all started with Peter McCormack calling Craig Wright a fraudster on his Twitter account, after which Wright sued him. In his lawsuit, Wright accuses McCormack of defamation.

McCormack’s attorneys claim that Wright was already “completely discredited” long before he expressed his complaints to McCormack, and that he “extremely wastefully” manages court time, refusing to provide the necessary evidence of his innocence.

The defense also described Wright’s lawsuit as “cynical and offensive exploitation of court procedures” and asked the court to close the case if Wright did not provide any serious evidence before the trial.

Wright, claiming he is the creator of Bitcoin Satoshi Nakamoto, filed several lawsuits in March and April this year against McCormack and other well-known personalities in the crypto community, including Ethereum project co-founder Vitalik Buterin and Bitcoin Cash apologist Roger Vera. All of them, according to the lawsuits, accused Wright of fraud.

But in a paper submitted today to the Supreme Court of England and Wales, McCormack’s lawyers argue that his statements were made “in the public interest” and that their client simply duplicated the same questions that many other people had asked Wright.

To emphasize that Wright’s reputation was tarnished long before McCormack spoke to him, the defense described several cases in which Wright publicly discredited himself. In particular, an attempt was made by an Australian scientist to provide evidence of involvement in the creation of Bitcoin, which failed in 2016, and Wright’s own admission that few people believe him.

There are many ways to prove Wright’s rightness – for example, he could send bitcoins from the well-known wallet of Satoshi Nakamoto or sign a message and verify it using Satoshi’s public key. But Wright for some reason does not.

If Wright’s case against McCormack falls apart, Wright’s reputation may suffer much more than Twitter charges – after all, the Bitcoin fork of Craig Wright – Bitcoin SV – owes its popularity solely to Wright’s claims that he is Satoshi Nakamoto. A judgment verifying that it is wrong can permanently drop the price of an asset. McCormack’s lawyers present the legal position of Wright to the court as a way of attracting interest in Bitcoin SV and increasing its value. Wright, of course, declined to comment.

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