Litecoin sponsors Miami Dolphins American Football Club

You can buy tickets for cryptocurrency to participate in the annual lottery of the 50/50 team, half of which is donated to charity

Litecoin has become the official cryptocurrency club of the National Football League (NFL) Miami Dolphins. The blockchain project and the team also began to cooperate with the Aliant Payments platform, thanks to which tickets for participation in the 50/50 lottery, half of which is sent to charity, can now be purchased for LTC and BTC. Fans can buy tickets online or at the stadium of the club, writes Forbes.

According to Litecoin creator Charlie Lee, cryptocurrency ads will also be placed on the game attributes Miami Dolphins. The Managing Director of the Litecoin Foundation called this partnership a great opportunity to tell the world about digital money and increase its distribution.

“This collaboration promotes Litecoin to a multimillion audience worldwide, while the introduction of cryptocurrency continues to gain momentum, and the ecosystem has become able to support real cases of use in ways that were previously impossible,” explained Lee.

In December 2018, Litecoin entered into a partnership with the organization UFC, which fights in mixed martial arts. As part of the collaboration, the Altcoin logo appeared in Octagon at the UFC 232 arena in Los Angeles.

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