“Lucky” The sad fate of the lottery winners

Bankrupt Millionaires

In 1988, a Pennsylvania resident, William Post, won $ 16.2 million in a lottery and in a few months he squandered everything, buying cars and speed boats. After that, he admitted to reporters that he likes to be bankrupt much more than a lottery multimillionaire.

In 1993, an immigrant from South Korea, Janit Lee, who moved to the United States, won $ 18 million, and eight years later, after distributing most of her money to political parties, public organizations, and educational programs, she also declared herself bankrupt.

“Never give anyone money for nothing.”

Here is another story. Andrew Whittaker, a West Virginia businessman, won $ 315 million on Christmas 2002. Excluding taxes, he received 114 million dollars. However, only four years later, he was virtually penniless. His generosity, claims from the applicants for his money, as well as alcoholism are to blame. But this is not even the main thing: his daughter, who also had the test of money, was found dead in his father’s house. The cause of death was an overdose of drugs. This happened just two years after the win, and in 2009 the other daughter of the winner was found dead.

Since I won the lottery, I realized that there is no limit to human greed. Now I know: if a person has something, then there will certainly be someone who wants to take it away. It’s a pity that I didn’t tear this ticket back then, the winner himself said years later.

In the few months that Mr. Whittaker was still a millionaire, he transferred huge sums to local authorities, even established a fund of his own name. “Wherever I went, these people were everywhere,” Andrew recalled. “For example, I go to a basketball game, and during the game a hundred and one people come up to me to ask for money, trying to make me feel like they are poor or they have sick relatives. “

“Never give anyone money for nothing,” Andrew shared his experience. “Because the more you give, the more they want to receive from you.” Give me money once – and everyone around you will consider you a rag and attack you like a pack of jackals.

Bullet in the back of the head from “beloved” relatives

Some lottery winners immediately become victims of criminals and relatives. William Bad, who won $ 16 million in 1998, did not take into account that he has an extremely envious brother. The latter hired a killer to kill a relative and his wife in order to collect the winnings. Fortunately, the attempt failed.

Jeffrey Dumpy, who won $ 20 million, was also the victim of greedy relatives, although he gave all his relatives good property. Once, his wife’s sister and her boyfriend kidnapped Dumpy. Attackers demanded that the millionaire give them his fortune. After he refused, they killed him with a shot in the back of the head.

Billy Bob Harrell, the youngest of Texas, hit the $ 31 million jackpot in 1997. He bought houses and cars to win for all relatives, made charitable donations. But in the following months, the shopping process grew into a bad habit. Billy bought another house, after – an even larger house, two more cars. Lucky was left without money in less than two years. The lottery win caused Billy financial stress. And ultimately, the man committed suicide.

American 55-year-old businessman Jack Whittaker won $ 315 million. He was asked to take the jackpot with the entire amount that would have been paid to him for many years, or three times less, but with the ability to spend it right away. Jack chose the second option. He spent almost 10% of the money on building churches, and opened his own charity fund, which helped poor families. The man even thanked the woman from whom he bought a winning ticket: he gave her a mansion, a car and gave out 50 thousand dollars.

Then he became interested in gambling, and once a large casino sued him, because he owed a large amount. He began to apply to the glass, left the family. Many wanted to cash in on him, so Jack was constantly accused of sexual harassment or attempted murder.

As a result, his business failed, the fund closed, he spent or handed out all the money he won, and his beloved granddaughter was found dead.

Atlanta Lottery Winner Dies After Attempting Gilding His Eggs

The winner was 38 years old, he won $ 100 million in the Georgia lottery. His name was Justin Green and before the victory he worked in the Wallmart supermarket chain, having received a win, he left his previous job and began to buy gold.

Also inspired by the films with Austin Paurs in the title role, Justin decided to cover his genitals with gold, he could not find jewelers who would agree to carry out a similar procedure and therefore painted with lead-based paint, but he did not like the result, he needed real gold. To do this, the lottery winner decided to use the Plater professional automotive gold paint; he performed the painting operation in his garage. 12 hours after its holding, Justin Green passed away.

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