Monero and ZCash – coins number 1, 2 in the darknet.

Bitcoin popularity in darknet is not a secret to anyone, since cryptocurrencies, including those aimed at anonymity and confidentiality, are suitable for illegal operations.

The growth in the use of such coins is due to the fact that they conceal three important components of a transaction: the sender’s address, the recipient’s address and the amount of the transaction.

Not surprisingly, in terms of growth, the most popular anonymous cryptocurrencies, Monero (XMR) and ZCash (ZEC), managed to outperform other anonymous coins. According to the data provided by Wallet Investor, Monero ranked first in terms of frequency of use, ZCash ranked second (data are based on one year).

Over the past few years, the use of bitcoin in the darknet has been greatly reduced, as some sites have begun to accept anonymous coins. Despite the fact that Bitcoin still dominates the popular sites of the darknet, Monero and other anonymous coins are gaining more and more recognition on various platforms, including in the segment of the American and European darknet.

In a recent study, provides a table about the use of bitcoin by users of dacrnet, followed immediately by XMR.

The report takes into account about 50 leading trading platforms of the darknet, of which 98% or 43 sites accept bitcoins, 10 – XMR, and ZCash – only 2 sites.

As part of the study, a survey of anonymous coins was conducted among 200 participants. About 78% of participants were men, 5% were women, the remaining 17% chose not to disclose their gender (perhaps they were undecided).

69% of the surveyed owners of anonymous coins were in the age group of 26-30 years old, 22% indicated their age as 35-39 years old, and the remaining 14% were in the 31-34 year group.

42% of respondents indicated that ZCash became their first anonymous coin, 25% called Monero, the remaining 11% was Dash. 53% of respondents said they made a purchase decision thanks to Twitter messages, Reddit accounted for 22%. As it turned out, only 11% of respondents carried out their own research before buying.

Hidden mining Monero with the installation of malware on computers has significantly ruined the reputation of cryptocurrency. In addition, the zero-disclosure proof ZCash found a positive response from the community, which found it safer than a competing Monero solution.

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