Monero introduced the new Windows Installer

Recently, a conference was held in Munich, at which the latest Monero updates were reviewed. Nowadays, this confidential coin is becoming increasingly popular, as the importance of security and anonymity, especially in cryptospace, is increasingly recognized.

During the conference, Monero introduced a new Windows installer for GUI v0.14.1.0, which pleased crypto enthusiasts, as they considered this a positive point for accepting digital currencies.

At the time of this writing, the XMR price was $ 85.64, showing a slight positive surge of 0.49%.

In addition, Monero recently hit the headlines, as crypto enthusiast Max Kaiser said that the coin may well claim to be a leader.

Forecasts related to Monero prices, as well as forecasts for Bitcoin, are quite optimistic, despite the fact that not so long ago the market underwent a correction.

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