NEO EcoFund invested in Travala.

Recently, representatives of Travala, a popular service for booking hotels and air tickets, reported that NEO EcoFund made an investment in their platform, contributing to the expansion of the service’s activities.

The NEO EcoFund Foundation was created for the development of NEO ecosystem projects, which also include Travala.

With the help of our investments, we hope to create a favorable environment that will promote the development of ambitious startups. Our goal is to provide projects, regardless of their stage of development, with the financing and support necessary to fully disclose their potential.
I am confident that will contribute to the development of the blockchain, becoming one of the leading online travel planning platforms, said co-founder NEO Da Hongfei.

Thanks to financial injections, the Travala team plans to increase its influence in the ticket booking industry.

At present, the blockchain ecosystem is undoubtedly one of the most beneficial branches. Cross-cooperation, support and ongoing interaction between projects is a sure sign of commitment to the collective goal of mass adoption.Thanks to this support, we will be able to focus on hiring technical specialists, at the same time exploring additional markets, commented Matthew Lucinski, general manager of Travala.

Over the 6 months of the platform’s existence, the number of Travala users has increased by 1542% and can probably double in the next 6 months if the platform does not slow down its development rates.

If we talk about the company NEO, then this cooperation is an additional opportunity to achieve greater popularity, to attract new users and developers. In addition, the company’s representatives should soon receive information on the development of NEO3, as previously announced by co-founder Eric Zhang.

As for CoinMarketCap statistics, NEO takes the 17th place with a value of $ 13, the Travala token (AVA) takes 437 position, trading at $ 0.13. It seems that this news did not affect the cost of NEO, while the price of AVA on the same day increased by 4 cents.

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