Netflix Launches Altcoin Documentary.

In the upcoming documentary about the crypto currency, in particular, Netflix, a show will be held in which not the king of the bitcoin market, but all the other knights of the Round table will be discussed. No wonder most people still know little about cryptocurrencies.
In General, an ordinary person can learn the name of bitcoin and quickly associate it with drug trafficking, money laundering and fraud. The population as a whole should be more educated on this issue in order not to use it. There are many popular developers, founders and industries to be featured on the documentary.
Each interlocutor will have the opportunity to share their views on the market, as well as on different points of view. It would be great if so many voices represented the same movement. Some of the most prominent personalities will be:

Vitalik Buterin (founder of Ethereum)
Jihan Wu (the founder may cancel)
Justin San (founder of Tron)
And Hee (the founder of the Binance)
Charles Hoskinson (founder of Cardano)
Sonny Lou (founder of VeChain)
Jun Hasegawa (founder of OmiseGo)
Yes, Junpei (founder of Neo)
Roger Ver (founder of Bitcoin cache).

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