New bitcoin race is expected in September

A small bitcoin fortification was again replaced by its weakening on the night of Friday, July 26th. The coin again began to lose previously regained positions, which increased the influence of cautious skeptics.

Some traders agree with those experts who allow BTC to decline to $ 7000-8000. At the time of publication of this material, the largest cryptocurrency was trading at $ 9,756, its market capitalization decreased to $ 174.023 billion.

On the eve, the BTC was able to recoup and rose above $ 10,000. At this level, the coin held throughout the day, but in the evening it began to weaken.

According to trader Josh Ranger, testing the $ 9,600 mark is possible in case of a weakening below $ 9,906. Given that Bitcoin has already dropped below this critical level, further loss of positions becomes more and more likely.

Another crypto trader under the name RJ_Killmex believes that in July and August we will have to wait for a gradual depreciation of the BTC rate. The updated “bottom” of the coin will be a mark of $ 7,000. Although it is possible that Bitcoin will hold above $ 8000, the resumption of the rally is expected in September.

The analyst tweeted that following the results of the first month of the fall, the coin could “shoot”; the mark of $ 16,000 could be the limit of the new bitcoin jerk.

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