New cold Chainlock wallet launched

Yesterday, a subsidiary of the Austrian state printing house (OeSD) YOUNIQX Identity announced the launch of a cold wallet for digital currencies.

Called Chainlock wallet designed for cryptoketes; The company has developed its protection based on patented technology.

“Particular attention was paid to key generation in the high security zone: the patented procedure ensures that no one can see a pair of keys, even YOUNIQX personnel,” the company said.

The wallet will support many digital coins, including Bitcoin. In addition, it can be used to store tokenized securities issued during STO.

“On the respective trading platforms, this reliable solution was greeted with great enthusiasm. Moreover, Chainlock is also an ideal repository for STO tokens pursuing a retail strategy, ”added YOUNIQX.

The company also entered into partnerships with the Singapore Exchange Tokenize Exchange and Coinfinity from Central Europe to directly support the cold wallet.

Founded in 2018, YOUNIQX is a subsidiary of the Austrian State Printing House, which develops secure digital identities. The company also develops integrated solutions for identification, implements and offers personalized solutions for identity documents.

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