New NULS Staking Model Breaks Records

The open-source NULS project with a custom modular blockchain infrastructure launched the new Staked Coin Output (SCO) service. Aleph became the NULS partner in this project.

According to a press release, SCO allows investors to stake in NULS tokens by receiving tokens of other projects on the NULS platform. The developers of the project report that during the first 24 hours of the launch of the Aleph network, $ 1.25 million was added to staking.

The new NULS project is the shortest path to success,” said NULS co-founder Riper Run. – SCO can accelerate the development of worthy projects and support NULS innovations that are of interest to the community.

The investor community does not risk anything, because in case of failure, they lose only potential profit, and not real tokens. The overhead costs of the project participants are almost zero, and the NULS network effect allows successful SCO projects to confidently enter the market. ”

The NULS team notes that SCO allows projects living in their ecosystem to evaluate the “appetite” of investors before launching an ICO or IEO.

Investors must have at least 2000 NULS to participate in stake. NULS is currently trading for $ 0.416 per token with a capitalization of $ 30.3 million.


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