NovaChain closed the site and social network. Users have lost millions of dollars

The platform advertised by cryptocurrency bloggers has disappeared with customer funds

The NovaChain cryptocurrency platform, which promised passive income from trading bots on the Binance exchange, closed and removed its social networks. The publication of The CoinsPost believes that the project leaders are scammers who have disappeared by stealing funds that have been deceived by customers.

The project was actively promoted in social networks, bloggers advertised it on their YouTube channels, and there were a lot of positive feedback about earnings on the project online. They turned out to be fake and had a similar structure – at first it was told about investing in a project that brought huge profits.

“Despite the fact that NovaChain raised a small amount of funds at the ICO stage, they continued to create unique, long-term products. During the year I managed to increase the initial investment by 25 times, ”says one of the reviews about the service.

There are a lot of comments from people who have lost their money by investing in NovaChain. According to Dan Danny, he invested $ 8500, and a week later the project stopped working. James Nardi called the project managers fraudsters and stressed that the total damage was $ 4 million.

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