OKEx Exchange added Dogecoin (DOGE).

Now Dogecoin (DOGE), being one of the most prominent meme coins, has been added to the OKEx cryptocurrency exchange, almost immediately after listing on Binance.

This solution is quite interesting, since DOGE? in your own way? abandoned project with unlimited emissions.

Dogecoin founder Jackson Palmer has long since moved away from working with the coin, leaving it in the care of the community. In addition, he is one of the most skeptical people in the crypto community warning against any hype and unfounded hopes.

Deposits in DOGE at OKEx will be available from July 19, in a few days it will happen with the withdrawal of funds. DOGE trading will be possible in pairs with USDT and USDK stablecocks.

Listing news slightly increased the value of DOGE, stabilizing the asset around $ 0.003. DOGE’s recent high was $ 0.0037.

DOGE can be described as a coin with high volatility. It is known for its price peaks relative to Bitcoin (BTC). This is one of the reasons why the coin is still alive – speculative trading provides reliable returns in BTC. Currently DOGE is trading around 38 satoshi.

Unfortunately, rising from recent lows around $ 0.002, the price of DOGE did not become a harbinger of the altcoin season.

DOGE also served as a cheap and affordable asset for moving funds between exchanges. However, its biggest drawback was the lack of representation in large markets such as Binance. DOGE served niche exchanges and even worked as a base pair; his role as an arbitration asset was dragged over by the dollarblocks.

DOGE is still used in social networks and various sweepstakes, and is also a relatively cheap way to send funds. Notably, DOGE is one of the most secure digital assets, with a hash rate comparable to the high Litecoin value (LTC). Miners Litecoin also mined DOGE.

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