OneCoin alleged pyramid investor reports death threats for criticism

Jen McAdams, the victim of the alleged OneCoin cryptocurrency pyramid, was threatened with murder and sexual assault for publicly criticizing the project, BBC reports.

“Now I constantly turn around. It affects my health, but I will not give up until I achieve justice for myself and the thousands of OneCoin victims, ”said Macadams.

UK citizen Macadams invested a little over $ 10,000 and then convinced her family and friends to follow suit. They added another $ 280,000. All this money, she said, disappeared.

It is believed that the cumulative losses from OneCoin’s operations exceed $ 2.5 billion. The alleged pyramid was founded in Bulgaria, but it also operated in other countries.

The first investigation in the UK was opened in 2016, and a year earlier the alarm was sounded in Belgium, Hungary, Latvia and Sweden.

The face of the company was a native of Bulgaria with German citizenship, Rudzhi Ignatov, who in mid-2017 was declared wanted by law enforcement officers of India. Her activities were also investigated in Germany, but at the time of writing she remains at large.

The alleged OneCoin organizer, Konstantin Ignatov (Rugia Ignatova’s brother), was arrested in March this year in the United States. He was charged with securities fraud and money laundering.

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