Opera browser began to support Bitcoin and Tron.

Users can now send and receive these coins and view their transaction history. Prior to this, the wallet worked only with Ethereum and the altcoins of the ERC-20 standard. Opera explained the choice of Tron to the fact that it is a popular and fast-growing blockchain. Information about possible integration appeared on the network in May of this year. The built-in cryptocurrency wallet appeared in the browser in December 2018. The program also supports decentralized applications, for example, the game CryptoKitties.

The decision is remarkable, because at the beginning of this month the researcher discovered a critical error TRON, which could lead to the failure of the entire block chain. Since then, the error has been fixed. Transition Opera is part of a wider deployment, which will add “support for multiple blockchains over the next 12 months”.

Which cryptocurrencies will be added by the Norwegian browser developer or when TRON support is deployed is unclear. It is worth noting that Opera has previously collaborated with HTC to create a single wallet for users of the company’s phones.

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