Peter Brandt: Cryptomaniac will be disappointed – Altcoin rally is not expected

Legendary trader and technical analyst Peter Brandt believes that, unlike the 2017 bull rally, when many other cryptocurrencies also rose in price against the background of rapidly growing bitcoin, today such a scenario is unlikely.

“Cryptomaniac expects altcoins to repeat the same thing, but they can be very disappointed,” he wrote on Twitter.

Brandt’s comment was made while Bitcoin, having risen close to $ 14,000 earlier this week, went down sharply, at a certain point dropping to around $ 10,400.

Unlike bitcoin, a significant part of cryptocurrency, however, could not demonstrate the same recovery rates, and as Peter Brandt says, in this case, you can draw parallels with the dotcom boom in the early 2000s.

“After the collapse of technology companies in 2001-2002, dotcoms with real value showed an explosive growth rate. “Altkomy” went bankrupt, “- he added.

Note that this is not the first time when Brandt, who predicted the fall of Bitcoin by 80% in January of last year, is not drawing a very bright future for altcoins. So, in February, he compared them with the popular in the 1990s toys Beanie Babies, which after some time turned out to be “no useless rubbish”.

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