Police defended Tron’s office from defrauded investors.

CoinSpice portal correspondent Hayden Otto has posted two videotapes in his Twitter that allegedly captured the time of the police visit to the offices of the Tron cryptocurrency project in Beijing.

While Otto himself suggests that it may be a police raid, others assume that law enforcement officers were invited to protect Tron’s offices from the furious contributors to the pyramid scheme that used a similar name.

Last week, it became aware of the pyramid-like scheme “Wave Field Super Community”, which in its name made reference to the unofficial name of the original project in China and strongly stated its connection with it, which helped it attract thousands of investors.

At the end of June, the fraudulent company suddenly suspended work, and its victims suffered at least $ 30 million in losses. Investors have decided to present their claims to CEO Tron Justin Sun for the fact that he did not prevent the dissemination of false information with reference to his project. They also claim that TRX cryptocurrency markets used increased liquidity and activity when unsuspecting investors put its coins into the pyramid under the influence of promises of high yield.

The Wave Field Super Community was launched this January and announced that it is the so-called “super representative” of Tron or one of the 27 nodes of the platform. The victims claim that since opening the scheme they have asked Sana to clarify the relationship between the two projects, but have not received an answer.

July 1 – the day after the closure of the fraudulent scheme – San actually posted a message on the Chinese social network Weibo, where he warned investors that they need to be careful when they are invited to take part in financial pyramids with the mention of Tron.

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