R3 and Hyperledger blockchain frameworks now support the DAML programming language

The world’s leading developer of blockchain solutions Digital Asset Holdings has made the programming language of smart contracts DAML compatible with the Corda platform from the R3 consortium, the Hyperledger Fabric framework, as well as the Amazon Aurora cloud database.

Previously, support for DAML appeared in the framework Hyperledger Sawtooth and VMWare.

Digital Asset stressed that in the future they can work with other centralized solutions such as Amazon products, because there is a demand for the company’s services in this segment.

At the same time it became known that the ranks of the consortium Hyperledger joined Microsoft Corporation, Salesforce developer, Russian “NorNickel”, Polish Gloscad and consulting firm Milligan Partners.

The news from the corporate blockchain sector did not end there. IBM has announced the upgrade of its blockchain platform, which contains a number of improvements.

The new version of the product allows customers to interact with public cloud services like IBM Cloud, AWS and Azure from Microsoft. The upgrade also includes an extension for working with Visual Studio code, which will make the integration of smart contracts easier.

In addition, the platform now supports smart contracts in JavaScript, Java and Go.

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