Review Sony Xperia1 – unreasonably powerful smartphone.

Unusually it is to recognize, but sometimes it is difficult to take Sony phones seriously. Not because of a lack of effort on their part, but rather because the phones they release often don’t keep up with the mobile mainstream. If you need proof, just take a look at Xperia 1.

This is the first powerful flagship of Sony, released in a long time, and, as you know, there is nothing unusual in it. Super high screen with super high resolution? There is. A vibromotor that runs along with your music? Yes. Amazingly small battery? Again yes.

There is no doubt that Xperia 1 is a device that only Sony can do, because no other smartphone maker in the world works with this set of priorities. Look at some of the features and understand that Xperia 1 looks different. About other features, you can say “sorry that Sony did not answer the phone otherwise.”

The new Xperia 1 is a powerful, ambitious smartphone based on Sony’s hardware manufacturing experience. This may sound like a formula for success, but not in everything.

Yes, watching movies on Xperia 1 is fantastic (assuming that the content you are viewing is coming to the screen). And although the triple camera system is very fastidious, it still allows you to take some impressive photos. Unfortunately, the battery life of the phone is mediocre at best, and in order to grasp the advantages of using a 4K screen on such a small device, you will have to try.

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