Samsung smartphones are on fire again.

Samsung smartphones remain one of the most popular in the world. It would seem that the company managed to eliminate the problem with exploding and self-igniting batteries, but it was not there. Samsung Galaxy S10 is a brand new representative of the company’s flagship line. He is beautiful, powerful and expensive, and he also knows how to light up spontaneously.
The owner of the phone reported the accident. He told that the smartphone caught fire during the very first charge, even though before that it had been used all day. From the new Galaxy was only a curve and a charred body. The owner of the phone did not specify whether he caused any damage to him or his property. Given that he was able to take some pictures and even make a video, everything should be fine with him.
Thus, Samsung does not change its traditions. Despite the fact that after the “explosive” success of Galaxy Note 7, the company began to study the issue of the safety of its batteries more responsibly, their phones sometimes still burn. Even this case did not become the first in the new line: in April, the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G also ignited a South Korean user. After each such case, you want to ask the company: how much can you? Can it be that such a giant like Samsung cannot figure out all the risks before launching a product on the market? Is it really that the company is trying to make their gadgets as powerful as possible while sacrificing security?
Despite all this, Samsung still holds one of the leading positions in the market.

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