The media found another “Bitcoin Creator”. But with evidence, as usual, problems

The lack of a version about who really stands behind the name of the creator of Bitcoin Satoshi Nakamoto is definitely not observed. The cryptocurrency community offers a number of famous people to this “position”, including David Chaum, Nick Sabo, Adam Beck and even Charlie Lee, but the answer that would satisfy the majority was still not received. Now the list of applicants has been expanded, and a completely new person with a very rich and curious biography has suddenly become another candidate for the title of creator of “digital gold”.

As portal writes in his investigation, 46-year-old Paul Solotoshi Calder Le Roux may be hiding behind Satoshi Nakamoto’s pseudonym. Closely connected with the criminal world, he is also known as the man who in 1999 created data encryption software called E4M. In addition, it is assumed that Paul Solotoshi had a hand in creating TrueCrypt — another package for encrypting data based on E4M code.

Le Roux allegedly used passports of a number of countries. The photo above shows a scan of his passport of a citizen of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

In the past, in addition to drug smuggling, he was engaged in the illegal sale of weapons, gold mining in the mines and even worked as a realtor and a lumberjack. At the same time, he also (!) Was an informant for the US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA).

“At the moment, Le Roux is in an American prison, serving a sentence for organizing and ordering the killing of six people,” says his Wikipedia page.

Le Roux has been in prison since 2012, and as the publication suggests, this may indirectly explain why Satoshi Nakamoto’s original Bitcoins have not yet been set in motion.

However, if this version may seem somewhat attracted, there is another interesting fact that can speak in favor of the fact that Le Rou is Satoshi Nakamoto. In particular, it is noted that he has certain connections with the Australian programmer and entrepreneur Craig Wright. The latter is known for the fact that for several years it has been trying in vain to prove that he is Satoshi Nakamoto, and also launched his own project (Bitcoin Cash fork) – Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (Bitcoin SV).

So, the name of Le Roux is mentioned in the sensational case of Kleiman vs. Wright. Recall that in February 2018, Ira Kleiman, the brother of the late computer forensic scientist and mathematician Dave Kleiman, who is also associated with the creation of Bitcoin, sued Craig Wright, accusing the latter of appropriating about 1.1 million BTC, which allegedly belonged to Kleiman.

However, court documents showed a rather curious detail: this is confidential information that in the past, Wright was not only connected with the criminal world, but was also an informant for the special services, having been involved in the arrest of a number of large criminal figures.

For this reason, it is presumed that some of the materials in Wright’s satisfied information hiding request were edited so that these individuals could not find out about his involvement in their arrests. However, probably due to carelessness, the one who edited the document missed one of the footnotes, which says about Le Roux.

In particular, there is a link to the mentioned page on Wikipedia, which may indicate that Le Roux is among the persons from whom Wright can expect trouble.

According to one of the rather curious versions that appeared on Reddit a few weeks ago, Craig Wright worked for Le Roux, and after the arrest of the last Australian, with the help of Dave Kleiman, he received partial access to wallets that store a million bitcoins. Unfortunately for Wright, he does not have full access, since private keys are securely locked with the help of the above-mentioned TrueCrypt software.

It is also alleged that the long-standing business partner of Wright Kelvin Eyre decided to help and launched several data centers, directing their computing power to hacking Le Roux passwords. Officially, the company acts as a mining farm, but it is assumed that this is a cover, which hides a completely different activity.

Wright’s desire to gain access to these coins is understandable, since, in addition to his vast fortune, he could also legitimize himself as the creator of bitcoin.

The screen above is part of the document in the Kleiman v. Wright case, which contains the statement of the Australian that he has at his disposal the files encrypted with TrueCrypt with the same original bitcoins. According to Wright himself, it may take from five to ten years to crack them, but the main intrigue is that these files, as it is supposed, could in fact belong not to Kleiman, but to Le Rou.

The publication also cites other facts, which, as it believes, can speak in favor of the fact that Le Roux is the creator of Bitcoin. In particular, in addition to a similar name (Paul Solotoshi), we are talking about a similar style to Satoshi Nakamoto and a good command of the C ++ programming language in which Bitcoin is written.

It is also noteworthy that, creating E4M, Le Roux wrote a kind of manifesto, which is also very close to the ideas of Satoshi Nakamoto, including an emphasis on the need for strong cryptography as a means of protecting personal rights and freedoms.

Another “testimony” on which the publication is based refers to the chronological sequence of events. It is known that at the beginning of 2011 Satoshi Nakamoto disappeared in order, in his own words, to “do other things”. At about the same time, Le Roux retired from his programming activities, focusing on criminal activity in the illicit distribution of drugs. Also mentioned is a very interesting entry on one of the forums, made back in 2002, seven years before the advent of Bitcoin. It described the concept of “virtual p2p-banking”, which also has several similarities with Bitcoin. The IP address of the post author led to the Netherlands,

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