Short review of the price movement of the TOP-5 cryptocurrencies


The price of the first cryptocurrency in dense approached the EMA-100. If the bulls do not keep the price above this level, we will see a depreciation to the price level of $ 7818 At this level, the price consolidated in May and June 2019


Today is Sunday, the end of the week. The price is below the Fibonacci level of 0.618 and is currently continuing to decline. Throughout the week, Ethereum moved in a narrow price range due to general market uncertainty. The general mood of the TOP-5 cryptocurrencies can be seen on the coinmarketcap website (identical charts)


Rippley failed for the strongest support level of $ 0.28 and, when trying to recover from the fall, could not overcome it. The general trend also indicates a downward movement behind Bitcoin and Ethereum.


Here the bulls fight for the Fibonacci correction level (0.5), but if the first cryptocurrency fails in the new week, then the top five will also fly behind it to the bottom. BCH price is under movings, the mood is bearish.


Since December 2018, Litecoin has purposefully moved to the top. In anticipation of the halving, investors accumulated LTC by increasing their portfolio. Charlie Lee has repeatedly warned on his Twitter that they would be careful. After all, after a halving there will be a correction and quite strong.

Now the bulls are holding the price near the Fibonacci correction level (0.618), but we examined the first four tokens above and they have a general bearish sentiment. The head and shoulders also do not add optimism. Let’s see how events will develop next week.

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