Siemens: Carsharing project on the blockchain.

Recently, global giant Siemens, a leader in the field of automation, electrification and digitization, has shown interest in blockchain technology as part of the car sharing project.

According to Andreas Kinda, head of cybersecurity and blockchain at Siemens Corporate Technology, the company seeks to introduce blockchain technology into its car-sharing project, implemented through one of the subsidiaries of Siemens Mobility.

As reported on the CarShare Enterprise website, the term “car sharing” means sharing and renting a car for a short period of time by different customers.

However, this system has a number of difficulties, one of which concerns the owner’s fuel cards. Sometimes cards can only be used at one gas station, they are often stolen. Partially this problem can be solved with the help of blockchain.

This is not only inconvenient for drivers, it is also inconvenient for companies, because stolen fuel cards are sold on the Internet … This is an example of a situation in which a blockchain can increase efficiency.

Siemens is also considering other areas of the transport sector where blockchains can be used. At the Bosch ConnectedWorld 2019 conference, a representative of a Siemens subsidiary presented a possible blockchain-based solution for smart parking.

Also, distributed registry technology can be used in the supply chain, product delivery, and even manufacturing.

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