Test network launched from the project Tron – SUN Network

The Tron blockchain team confirmed the launch of the SUN Network test network. The developers posted an announcement on Medium.

It is reported that the update includes several solutions aimed at scaling the network, including DAppChain. The latter is intended to ensure the scaling of smart contracts TRON, which should significantly reduce energy consumption and increase the security of dApps.

“In just 7 months, about 500 high-quality dApp applications have been launched on the TRON network. The total number of TRON accounts has reached three million. In total, 410 million secure transactions have passed through the network since the launch of the mainnet. The energy-saving, highly reliable and efficient network of the Sun Network will contribute to the development of the TRON ecosystem, ”said Tron founder Justin Sun.

In addition, DAppChain and crosschain communications should increase overall network bandwidth. Recall that the launch of the SUN Network test network was announced in early April, and the official launch of the protocol is scheduled for August 10. Justin Sun also said that activating the SUN Network does not require any updating of the main network of the Tron blockchain.

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