Tether launches Blockstream’s stableblokoin

A leading supplier of Bitcoin and Blockchain solutions, the company Blockstream and Tether have launched Steablcoin USDT in the Liquid Network.

The Blockstream blog says that thanks to this step, ecosystem participants will be able to make fast and secure payments using Confidential Transactions technology, which is oriented towards increased privacy, as well as multi-signature functions. In addition, investors and traders will be able to carry out atomic swaps between Liquid BTC and Stablecoin, and will also be able to replenish their exchange USDT wallets faster.

The input and output of Liquid USDt is already available on the Bitfinex exchange. Support for other trading platforms, including BTSE, BTCTrader / BtcTurk, OKEx, OKCoin, RenrenBit and Sideshift AI, will appear soon.

According to the developers, Blockstream Green wallet is suitable for storing Liquid USDt. They also promise to soon add support for the new asset to Trezor hardware wallets.

“The addition of Tether is an important step in the process of increasing the practical utility of the Liquid Network. Along with the latest developments in the Liquid ecosystem, really cool stuff such as OTC atomic swaps, super-fast arbitrage between trading floors and simple storage of Tether at Blockstream Green have now become available to traders, ”said Samsstream Mou, safety director for Blockstream.

In the future, Blockstream and Tether plan to launch USDT tokens on the second-tier Lightning Network.

Liquid is a federated sidecoin of Bitcoin, functioning as a settlement and payment network for cryptocurrency exchanges, market makers, brokers and other financial institutions.

Atomic swaps are the operations of exchanging one cryptocurrency for another, which can be implemented instantly without having to rely on a trustworthy third party represented by the exchange or exchange platform. As a result, control over the transaction is carried out exclusively by the parties involved in it.

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