The court refused to consider the claim of false preacher Craig Wright to Roger Vera

The court withdrew the lawsuit against early Bitcoin investor Roger Vera, filed by Australian entrepreneur Craig Wright.

As Wright stated, Ver slandered his honor in a video posted on YouTube, stating that Wright was not the creator of Bitcoin, hiding under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto.

“The evidence clearly reflects the fact that the most significant statements that caused discontent [of the plaintiff] are related to the United States,” the court ruled. According to the submitted documents, only 7% of users who viewed the video were in the UK.

In addition, the court “did not find, as such, evidence of any real reputational damage that the claimant could have incurred due to the publication of the defendant”.

Previously, for the same reason, Wright sued the author of a crypto podcast, Peter McCormack, and also threatened a trial with Vitalik Buterin and John McAfee, among others.

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