The first hard fork passed on the Beam cryptocurrency network

Private-oriented Beam cryptocurrency has undergone the first hard fork in its history

Hard fork was successfully implemented at block 321 321 according to the plan described in the project roadmap. Along with it, a specially developed variation of the EquiHash hashing algorithm called Beam Hash II was added to the Beam protocol and a new minimum transaction fee was introduced.

This is the first of two planned Beam forks.

Beam CEO Alexander Zaidelson in a conversation with Messari said that the main task of the hard fork was “to give a signal to the developers of ASIC devices that there is no point in starting work on miners before the second fork.”

Beam is currently the 112th largest asset on the market in terms of capitalization.

Beam was launched earlier this year as the first cryptocurrency on the Mimblewimble privacy protocol. Beam hides address information in the public blockchain and makes transactions private by default. The launch of the cryptocurrency was carried out without premine and ICO.

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