The former owner of the WEX exchange Dmitry Vasilyev was arrested in Italy.

The former owner of the WEX Bitcoin Exchange (former BTC-e) Dmitry Vasilyev was detained in Italy. It is reported by the Russian service of the Air Force with reference to a close friend Vasilyeva, as well as several investors of the exchange.

The specific reasons for which the former owner of the WEX was detained are not reported. The Italian police and the Russian embassy declined comment. Nevertheless, in April it became known that Vasilyeva was looking for law enforcement agencies of several countries at once.

Recall that in July 2018, due to “technical work”, the WEX exchange stopped the possibility of withdrawing funds. At the same time, according to Dmitry Vasilyev, an agreement was signed on the transfer of ownership of WEX to the ex-militant “DNR” Dmitry “Sailor” Havchenko, although before that the representatives of the exchange denied this fact.

Khavchenko also said that he refused to buy WEX following unsuccessful negotiations with Vasiliev and against the background of problems with the withdrawal platform.

In October, the initiative group affected by the actions of the WEX management suggested that all those who wish to submit applications to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation.

On March 12, 2019, Vasilyev was recognized in absentia as a suspect in a criminal case by the Almaty City Police Department. He was accused of having seized $ 20,000 owned by a resident of Kazakhstan through WEX.

On April 3, Dmitry Vasilyev was put on the interstate wanted list on the territory of the CIS countries, although he himself denied this fact.

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